Criminal Justice Advisory Board

“Pertinent partnerships through collaboration and cooperation.”



*Updated and Ratified December 15, 2009*

The ongoing mission of the Lebanon County Criminal Justice Advisory Board is to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of the local criminal justice system and, by means of communication, cooperation, and collaboration, enhance and improve the system and services in the most effective, efficient, and cost effective manner possible.



To encourage collaboration in the criminal justice community

To assist the criminal justice departments in Lebanon County in making interdepartmentally informed recommendations for the overall improvement of county services.

To research and analyze best-practice, statistically sound approaches and solutions to difficulties encountered in the pursuit of justice.

To research and pursue funding for LCCJAB initiatives.

To research additional and alternative funding streams for programs that currently exist in the county.

To extend, when necessary, an invitation to other agencies to participate in meetings and discussions so that a comprehensive picture can be obtained when examining a particular problem in the community.



When a grant was procured from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) in late 2006, the process of forming a Criminal Justice Advisory Board which would be comprised of key court and county officials involved in the criminal justice system began. This money was part of an on-going initiative by the PCCD to encourage and enable every county in Pennsylvania to establish a Board of this nature so that collaborative efforts at the county level could be enhanced and improved.

During 2007, a Criminal Justice Advisory Board Planner/Grant Coordinator was hired to assist in the formation of this Board and to carry out its regular operations. The first formal meeting of the Board was October 16, 2007 during which Core Membership of the Board was discussed and drafted bylaws were submitted for review. The Bylaws were formally ratified at the second meeting of the CJAB in December of 2007, and thus the Lebanon County Criminal Justice Advisory Board was officially established.

Since that time, Lebanon County’s CJAB has made great strides in encouraging open communication and collaboration among the criminal justice agencies in the county. The on-going diligence of the Board Members is a testament to this effect. 


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Mr. David J. Arnold, Jr., Esq.
Lebanon County Criminal Justice Advisory Board
Lebanon County District Attorney

Mr. John P. Shott
Criminal Justice Advisory Board Planner

(717) 273–1557 ext. 5177

(717) 273–9378